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A SharePoint application created for joyful education. Free download

Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Give your child a solid foundation and they can show you the whole universe

SoftLearning, powered by Microsoft Office 365, allows teachers and students to foster collaboration, guidance and communication between .


  • Multi-user in-browser editing
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Outlook
    • OneNote
    • Publisher
    • Access
  • E-mail and Calendar
  • File upload
  • web conferencing
  • Instant messaging and Skype
  • Up to 1TB OneDrive storage per user
  • Video playback

A bridge that links schools, teachers, parents, and students together

Combining file sharing, project collaboration and group discussion in one place

Fast and convenient

Create sites for each class or group in just a few steps


Students can freely upload or share files; teachers can also create different folders for easy management


Management tools for teachers to manage several classes simultaneously

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About SoftLearning


SoftLearning focuses on the joy of learning. By stimulating the children's desire to learn, we develop school communities where children are eager to learn.

We understand the needs of teachers, students and parents and are dedicated to bringing 'Happy Teaching, Happy Learning' to life.

SoftLearning team

SoftLearning is built by a team of adventurous individuals with different backgrounds, our extensive experience and knowledge makes us more than capable to develop the next generation educational platform.

We are committed to staying on top of our technology, and more importantly, we also understand the need for effective application of learning platforms.


With the solid support from Microsoft as our technical and cloud server partner and the expert opinions and creative ideas from our strategic branding partner, Thinkingwithoutthinking, we understand the markets and will always apply creative strategies that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.


Tel:+852 3974-5050



Soft-Learning, Self-Learning

Soft, is an attitude of life. Soft-Learning, is the cultivation of character. We help students develop their personal traits, train their mind and strengthen their willpower.

Our learning platform is designed to strengthen students' willingness to practice self-learning and satisfy their aspiration for knowledge and curiosity about the world.

Happy Teaching Happy Learning

Class Overview

View student's learning progress at a glance

Real-time monitoring of OneDrive usage by students

Customized Education

Tailor-made learning plan for each student

Teachers can divide students into groups for discussion or individual counseling

File Sharing

Instant file sharing and online editing

  • Support .doc /.docx,.ppt / .pptx, .xls / .xlsx, PDF and other file types
  • File size up to 2GB for each document
  • Share to the entire class simultaneously
  • Invite non-registered users to download file resources
  • Support online access of Microsoft files

Direct Uploading

Quick and convenient uploading with just one click

  • OneDrive
  • Can upload up to 100 files each time
  • Students can upload files anywhere, anytime

Multi-language interface

Barrier free use anywhere around the world

  • Supports up to 20 different languages

Group Management

Invite the whole industry to join. Exchange opinions and share educational resources

  • Each group can contain up to 300 members' data
  • Group members can post messages to facilitate group communication and idea exchange

Multi-class Management

Multi-class management allows the showcase of student's progress at a glance

  • Can create up to 2,000 classes at the same time


Easy access to knowledge anywhere, anytime

  • Browser operation supports PC, Macs and tablet

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